Thursday, March 31, 2011

Schenn Racist Remarks on Facebook?

Don't believe everything you hear.

From the Saskatoon Blades:

SASKATOON -- There are rumours surrounding Brayden Schenn's alleged Facebook status regarding First Nations people. He has no association with these comments; these remarks did not come from him. There are several users on social media sites who choose to impersonate him, including numerous users on Facebook. These are not Brayden's views.

Brayden does have a personal Facebook account; it is does not appear in searches due to extreme privacy settings and cannot be viewed by the public. Therefore, any user with the name 'Brayden Schenn' that you can find on Facebook is not him.

Brayden released the following statement, "I would like to apologize to anyone that was hurt by this persons comment. I appreciate all of my fans and am looking forward to focusing on the Blades playoff run."

The Saskatoon Blades Hockey Club has requested a police investigation.

"I just know that last night somebody had come up to our coach before the game and mentioned there was a Facebook page that was allegedly Brayden Schenn's," Blades President Jack Brodsky told CKRM radio Thursday. "Allegedly there were some racial slurs on there. I have not seen that page, and apparently it's gone now. I did a little search on Facebook today and there were about eight accounts that came up as Brayden Schenn's. In fact none of them were him. He has one that's quite private with a lot of filters on it that's only accessible to his friends. Those comments were not Brayden's. It's just a very unfortunate situation.

"We've talked to city police here and they're looking into it but these things are very difficult to trace and follow. What we'd really like to do is assure everyone that these were not Brayden's comments and Brayden doesn't have those types of feelings to First Nations people, nor anyone else. Brayden just wants to play hockey and that's what he's doing. Again it's an unfortunate. These things happen in the playoffs and there's obviously some person out there with not much integrity and it's unfortunate but we just want to focus on the game coming up here (in P.A.) tonight and do the best we can on that."

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  1. There are a LOT of people out there with "not much integrity" (i.e. they are giant tools). This is what happens when you let them on the Internet. Now everyone let's not give those jerks the attention they crave, and move on and watch some hockey! Go Blades!