Friday, October 8, 2010

Shinnimin's disgusting hit on Nicholls

Saskatoon's win over the Tri City American's on Wednesday night was overshadowed by a terribly scary hit near the end of the game.

With 2 minutes remaining in the game, Blades forward Josh Nicholls was the victim of a terrible hit from behind by the league's co-leading scorer Brendan Shinnimin.

I will be honest, I did not see the play as it happened. I'm almost glad I didn't.

Yesterday video surfaced of the hit, and it was worse than I could have imagined.

Speaking to the coaches after the game, they were disgusted, but wouldn't elaborate much on their true thoughts. Shinnimin has been suspended indefinitely for now, with the full decision coming within the next day or two.

Nicholls on the other hand suffered a concussion, a bruised back and a bruised knee. Coach and GM Lorne Molleken says they will take his injuries "week to week".

For those who haven't seen the video, here it is. It truly is gutless.

Another element of the hit is that Shinnimin took a run at another player only a few minutes earlier.

Blades captain Teigan Zahn had the puck behind his own net as Shinnimin came in on the forecheck. He came in full speed and caught Zahn from the back and from the side, slamming his head into the boards. It was a very similar hit to the one that occurred in the OHL last year between Ben Fanelli and Michael Liambis. Luckily Zahn is huge and was able to soften the blow from the smaller Shinnimin.

I really hope the WHL makes an example out of him, leading scorer in the league or not. It was a brutal hit, without the puck, with clear intent to injure.

What should the suspension be?


  1. I think the suspension should be in the 5-10 game range maybe more.

  2. I agree. I hope the suspension is atleast 5 games. Might be one of the worst hits I have ever seen.