Friday, October 1, 2010

Duncan Siemens gives up his 'A' and Stastny released

It was a bit of a surprise when 17 year old Duncan Siemens was named as an assistant captain this fall for the Blades, but today he decided to give that position up.

He has decided to give that honour to 19 year old defense partner Stefan Elliott. It's a great sign of maturity by Siemens, and he could very well be a future Blades captain.

Also today the team solved their import situation by releasing Slovakian Andrej Stastny.

The 19-year-old was the Blades first pick in the 2010 CHL Import Draft and was taken 55th overall.

Stastny was released due to complications with his release from the Slovakian Ice Hockey Federation. The Blades remaining imports are Assistant Captain Marek Viedensky from Slovakia and right-winger Matej Stransky of the Czech Republic.


  1. That's stupid, was Seimens given the A by the coaches or voted by the players like Zahn was for captain? Either way, he was given the A by somebody and should have just kept it. Looks like Morrison didn't give to good of an impression and it's not like he has a lot of time, seems like Stanford might stay after tonights albatross....

  2. I believe Siemens was voted in by his teammates, and I think it's an honourable move for a young player giving up his A for a veteran.