Friday, September 17, 2010

Viedensky returning to Saskatoon?

A rumour has popped up that Marek Viedensky has been returned to the Saskatoon Blades from the San Jose Sharks. Having a tough time nailing down any confirmation on the details. We should know more within an hour or so as San Jose will be releasing their full training camp roster soon. That camp starts tomorrow.

If he in fact is returned to the Blades, it's a huge boost. He would automatically be the top centre on the team and he would also help clear up the 20 year old situation the team is facing.

With Viedensky and Zahn potentially back, that would mean there is only one spot up for grabs between Acolatse, Toomey, Sanford, Boyer, Patterson, McNaught and Niemi. I would expect it to be one of either Acolatse or Boyer who gets that final spot.


  1. The rumour is true. I spoke with Marek yesterday and he confirmed. I broke the news on Twitter this morning. He will arrive at 10:50 this evening.


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  2. Awesome. Does he suit up tomorrow night vs. Regina do you think?

  3. You're the "color guy", you would probably know that information more than I would. However, I do know he has been returned along with Curt Gogol. My feeling now is that the Blades will go with the trio of Zahn, Viedensky and Acolatse unless Patterson happens to come back. In that case, they will insert Patterson for Acolatse. Can't really go wrong either way! This now opens the door for Lorne to deal Toomey, Boyer and maybe even Stanford.

    Side note: Nicholls, Hamilton will be returned Monday.