Monday, September 27, 2010

Morrison on his way back from Philly?

A rumour is floating around this morning that goaltender Adam Morrison is returning to the Blades from Flyers training camp.

Many fans have been wondering what the status of Mo has been, as he hasn’t been dressing in the Flyers pre-season games. We all know the history of the Flyers goaltending issues, but it seemed a bit odd to let a 19 year old hang around for so long, with such a little chance of making the team.

Either way, if he is heading back, it’s great news for the Blades.

The crease will be a bit crowded, but it will ultimately help the brass make a decision on Steven Stanford.

Is he staying, or is he going?

Stanford is the backbone behind the team’s 20 year old decision this year.

The Blades play three games in three nights coming up this weekend, and Morrison may very well be given two games to show his worth.

Lorne Molleken and the staff clearly have an idea of what Morrison can do for this team, but no one has that inside information at this point.

Stanford has played very well to start the season for Saskatoon, so it will be tough to see him go. But, if the team thinks that Adam Morrison can carry this team on his back, then they won’t hesitate to make that move.

WHL teams have until the 14th of October to name there 3 20 year olds. Other 20 year olds fighting with Stanford for the last spot are Jeremy Boyer and Sena Acolatse, neither of whom have dressed for a game yet this season.


  1. In regards to Adam Morrison...He is still at Flyers camp and isn't due to return until later this week after speaking with a source in the Blades organization. Morrison is NOT back.