Thursday, September 23, 2010

Josh Nicholls returns from Leaf's, and new news on Stefan Elliott.

Another key contributor for this year's club has returned from an NHL camp, Josh Nicholls.

The forward was drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs in round 7 of this summer's entry draft and had been attending the teams training camp. Nicholls stuck around quite a while with the Buds, considering he never dressed for either of their first two pre-season games.

Last year with the Blades Nicholls had 48 points in 71 games, along with 5 points in 10 playoff games.

Now in regards to Stefan Elliott, he remains in camp with the Colorado Avalanche. He played in the teams first two preseason games against the Blues and the Kings. He also survived the second set of cuts made by the Avalanche, which were made today.

According to a source high up with the Blades, the intention is to have Elliott play in one more pre-season game with Colorado, then returned to Saskatoon. That game takes place on Friday night against Dallas.

If that plan plays out, that more than likely means Elliott will not dress for either of Saskatoon’s games on opening weekend against the Raiders.

Finally, yesterday I blogged about the fact that Adam Morrison was likely returning to Saskatoon from Flyers training camp. That has not yet been confirmed by either Saskatoon or Philadelphia. So, it looks like Steven Stanford will be the number one for both games this weekend, and the foreseeable future.


  1. Since both Zahn and Viedensky were given the C and an A respectively, I am assuming that they are two of our three 20 year olds, which is the right decision IMO. Does Stanford have the inside track on being the third 20 year old? When is the deadline for the Blades to trim down to three 20 year olds?

  2. The deadline is the 14th of October. The goaltending situation is a testy one because no one knows how the Blades feel about 19 year old Adam Morrison.

    Can he handle the load as a starter? If the Blades staff think he can, then Stanford will be traded.

    If Stanford is traded, then the last 20 year old spot will likely either go to Acolatse or Boyer.